Julie's experience as an Energy Trade Trainee

Marlon Schuit, 31 jaar, projectleider Smart Grid en Innovation 

Nice to meet you

I am passionate about Eneco's goals of going for a more sustainable planet and being a frontrunner in this. At Eneco Energy Trade (EET), I feel like I am a key player in this process, right in the middle of the trading dynamics.

Why I chose for Eneco Energy Trade

I chose the EET traineeship because I wanted to enter the dynamic world of energy. The energy transition is in full swing and the shift to sustainable production of energy for a livable, and future-proof, planet is the most rewarding challenge I have faced.

I wanted to gain this knowledge of the energy market in a way that would give me an insight into EET as a whole, rather than focusing on one department. Because of the rotations of the traineeship you get a look behind the scenes of various teams and many doors open for you. In short, many challenges ahead, that's guaranteed! Via this approach of the traineeship, you will be able to see the bigger picture and get to know the business from A to Z.

This is also why I look back on my traineeship at EET with a big smile. I've gained a lot of knowledge; having been able to explore all the products and portfolios of Eneco Energy Trade and I've built up a large network within EET, Eneco-wide and with our asset locations. I feel strengthened in my expectations that this traineeship will enable me to achieve many great things within EET.Above all, it has been a lot of fun, working with fellow EET members and, of course, with the trainee group you are embarking on this exciting adventure with.

EET stands for impact

For me personally, the traineeship revolves around 2 years of exciting challenges in a very dynamic work field. As a trainee, you are given a lot of responsibility. This results in a steep learning curve and your assignment can make a real impact on the business. For me personally, trust has an extremely motivating effect; as a trainee, you feel appreciated and supported by the team you are working for. To then see your own work 'live' and applied in daily business at the end of your assignment, that is truly very rewarding!

This made me proud

In my second rotation I was part of Portfolio Optimization (PO), where I was assigned to analyze our Utrecht location (the asset location of Eneco you can view from the train when you pass by the North of Utrecht!) and to create a business case for optimization of the running business. This location is giant, given the amount of people who work here, but also volume-wise the production is incredibly high (the latter is partly because this location provides the entire city of Utrecht with district heating!). I made improvements in the area of economic efficiency, but also with regard to Eneco's One Planet Plan, as I felt it was important to improve the sustainability of our asset locations as well.

This resulted in an automated dashboard to track progress and get insightful and visualized processes which can be steered upon. It was great to see that better financial results could go hand in hand with increased sustainability. For me, this assignment is exactly what EET stands for; challenging analysis, an enormous drive, both complemented by leadership and great teamwork.

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