Investing in your own future while building the future of energy. Now is the time.

We are on it. Now.

At Eneco, you will find a unique combination of time, place, and opportunity. We are on a mission to be climate neutral before 2035 and work hard to keep global warming under 1.5 °C. Our employees are motivated to reduce carbon, together with our large base of customers. And technology is ready to bring climate neutral, scalable energy solutions to homes and businesses. This is extremely fertile ground for digital innovation. Do you want to apply your digital skills and talent to help build a zero-emission future?

Digital at Eneco

Our Digital team is vital to making our One Planet Plan and the accelerated energy transition a reality. Working closely with the business and ICT, our Product, Data Science and Data Engineering community bring the skills and mindset to make Eneco Europe’s leading digital first and climate neutral energy company.

Virtual Power Plant

With the growth of new energy assets like wind parks, solar farms and power storage the energy market becomes increasingly complex. The Eneco Virtual Power Plant (VPP) connects and manages a diverse portfolio of energy resources, owned by Eneco and third parties. The VPP allows us to react in real time, matching our connected capacity to the fluctuating power demand. It supports our energy trade on major European markets and enables us to make better use of renewable power. Continued optimalizations and Machine Learning allows us to pioneer in a revolutionary way in the environmental Fintech domain.

This massive pioneering project breaks new ground in using a wide range of market, weather and asset data to drive trade and control power generation and storage. The models and approaches we develop create opportunities for new customer propositions that help to accelerate the energy transition. 

The team

Within the VPP project, around 30 colleagues work in the heart of the company, having a significant impact on the energy transition. Within this project everything comes together. From trading to new business models and from real-time steering to optimalization and Machine Learning.  

We are looking for new talent so we can expand our team and make an even bigger impact. Many challenges remain to be tackled, and big intellectual problem-solving awaits new digital talents.

You will be working with professional, highly educated colleagues, responsible for a diverse portfolio of assets including offshore wind parks, industrial batteries, power plants, and many more. And you will have fun, as we like to get to know each other better through activities like theme parties, pub quizzes, bocce ball, or karaoke, to name a few.