Join us on our journey towards a sustainable planet

Shape the vision of our products in the future

Do you always strive for the most beautiful digital product and the best customer experience? And do you want to help build a better future? Then come work at Eneco. As one of Europe’s largest energy suppliers, we strive to help keep the earth livable. So we’re doing everything in our power to be climate-neutral by 2035. 

And our fast-growing team of Product Managers and UX Designers play a decisive role in that effort. Because thanks to the innovative solutions they’re developing, they help our customers dramatically reduce their CO2 emissions. So join us, and put your mind to work for future generations.

Be part of a new era

We’ve entered a ground-breaking new stage of the energy transition. The Dutch energy system already consists of tens of thousands of assets – from batteries and electric vehicles to solar farms and wind parks. And that number is rising rapidly. To operate all those assets automatically, we’ll need ever-smarter technology – technology that allows us to optimize the production and supply of energy and that helps us and our customers become climate-neutral.

That’s why you’re the one we want. Because with the products and processes you develop, we can boost the efficiency of our sustainable energy sources and continue the turn away from conventional assets. And by constantly improving the user experience of our apps and sites, you’ll help point our customers to the shortest path for reducing CO2 emissions. Together, we can accelerate the transition to a greener future.

‘Here I can create awesome digital products to help people become more sustainable. So the things I work on today, will positively impact our future.’


Senior UX Researcher

Create revolutionary solutions

The two things that drive our change: we want to protect our climate and help solve the energy crisis. With the growing number of new energy assets like wind parks, solar farms and power storage, the energy market is becoming increasingly complex. So our teams are building something entirely new: Eneco’s Virtual Power Plant.

The VPP allows us to react in real-time, matching our connected capacity to a fluctuating demand. It supports our energy transactions on European markets and enables us to better use renewable power. The VPP breaks new ground in applying market, weather, and asset data to drive trade and control power generation and storage. And with the models and approaches our teams develop, we can build customer propositions that help accelerate the energy transition. 

‘The VPP project is a big step into getting renewables, distributed assets, and new asset types integrated into the increasingly complex energy landscape. We are way ahead of the competition.’


Product Manager

Add value to your career

Increase your impact

Want to work on a sustainable future? Then this is the moment to join Eneco. As Product Manager Mark puts it: ‘I could never have the same impact on reducing CO2 emissions in my private life as I have here, especially at this scale.’

Enjoy a greater variety

At Eneco, you’ll enter a dynamic work environment. The energy landscape is changing rapidly, so your flexible and inquisitive mindset would be right at home here. Try new tools, explore innovative solutions, and develop yourself along the way.

Work with the best

Team up with high-performing tech experts, motivated to push markets – and society at large – towards sustainability. Help shape the vision of our products in the future. And make Eneco climate neutral by 2035.

Lead the way

The one word that best describes what it’s like working at Eneco? Autonomy. Together with your colleagues, from Asset Managers, Traders, and Architects to Designers, Testers, and Marketeers, you’ll decide for yourself how to approach the product development process and which tools are best for your UX project. And you’ll do it all in a horizontal organization: good ideas quickly get the green light. So you can take faster steps towards a sustainable future.

Arne, Product Manager: ‘There are almost no limits to the kinds of decisions we can make ourselves. This really allows us to speed up the process. A case in point: we went from the decision to build the Virtual Power Plant to having the system running in production within six months.’

‘I have been in the energy transition for 20 years, but now it’s real. The technology is there, the data is there, the customers are there. This is your moment, join our tech team.’


Chief Digital Officer

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