Join our tech revolution and build a sustainable tomorrow

Put your tech skills to use for future generations

Do you dream of developing software that even your grandchildren will benefit from? At Eneco, you can! As one of Europe’s largest energy suppliers, we strive to pass on a liveable planet to future generations.

As one of Europe’s largest energy suppliers, we strive to pass on a liveable planet to future generations.We’re doing everything in our power to be climate-neutral by 2035. And our fast-growing team of Software Engineers plays a decisive role in that effort. Because thanks to the innovative solutions they’re developing, we and our customers can dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions. So join us, and put your mind to work building a sustainable future.

Be part of a new era

We’ve entered a groundbreaking new stage of the energy transition. The Dutch energy system already consists of tens of thousands of assets – from batteries and electric vehicles to solar farms and wind parks. And that number is rapidly rising. To automatically control all of those assets, we’ll need even smarter technology. Technology that allows us to optimise the production and supply of energy and reduce our CO2 emissions and those of our customers.

Your skills can make all the difference in that. Because with the software that you design, develop, test and maintain, we can intelligently manage the performance of our assets and positively influence our clients’ energy consumption. Together, we can bring everyone closer to a climate-neutral future.

‘For me, the motivation to work at Eneco is the feeling that I am doing something which is having a positive impact on climate change.’


DevOps Engineer

Create revolutionary solutions

Two things drive our transition: we want to protect our climate, and we want to solve the energy crisis. So we install water pumps in homes. We install batteries at businesses. And we’re building a unique Virtual Power Plant: an innovative platform where we can combine and control thousands of assets remotely. In all these efforts, we give priority to renewable resources – and we cut out tonnes of CO2 emissions. Join us now.

‘I work with our domain experts to map business requirements into scalable and maintainable software. My experience in building scalable software with a microservice architecture helped me a lot on the VPP project, where we aim to control a large number of assets.’


Backend Software Engineer

Add value to your career

Reach for the top

Our ambitions are high, so we have to set the bar even higher. To realise our ambitions, we’re investing in digital solutions. And in that, we have an entrepreneurial mindset: we invest in the latest technologies and in smart specialists – people like you.

Change the world

At Eneco, you’ll be leading the charge in the energy transition. That means working on a lot of greenfield projects, where you and your team will develop something completely new. And rest assured: whatever you build will have an immediate impact on the world around us.

Build it, then run it

At Eneco, you’re not just responsible for design and development, but also for management and maintenance. That’s a big responsibility. But that’s precisely what appeals most to our Software Engineers. You won’t get bored anytime soon.

Use the best stack of tools

Innovative ideas demand the latest tools, so at Eneco you’ll always be working with the newest technologies. The choice is yours.

Khyat, Tech Lead: ‘We are using all these new technologies, like Microservices Architecture, the latest version of .NET Core, Argo CD, Terraform. So all this cool stuff is on our plates.’

Lead the way

What’s the one word that best describes what it’s like working at Eneco? Autonomy. Together with your colleagues, from Domain Experts and Developers to Architects and Testers, you’ll elaborate your concepts as you see fit. That means you’ll have the freedom you need to decide which software to build, which technologies to use, and what the process will look like. And you’ll do it all in a horizontal organisation: good ideas quickly get the green light. So you can take faster steps towards a sustainable future.

‘I have been in the energy transition for 20 years, but now it’s real. The technology is there, the data is there, the customers are there. This is your moment, join our tech team.’


Chief Digital Officer

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