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At Eneco Energy Trade, you'll find a unique combination of time, place, and opportunity. The media is constantly focused on the energy transition and how the war in Ukraine is changing everything. Eneco is facing an unprecedented challenge in accelerating sustainability. We want to be climate neutral before 2035 and work to keep global warming under 1.5 °C. Innovative ideas find a platform at Energy Trade. What will you do to help build a zero-emission future?

What we offer

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The transition to sustainable energy

We are leaving the energy sector as we know it behind. Experience the transition from fossil fuels to green gas, hydrogen, wind, sun, and water at first-hand.
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At the heart of Eneco

Energy Trade is the core of the company. The place where all of our energy flows converge, where innovation is top of the agenda and we're continuously delivering impactful projects.
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A highly educated, international team

Econometrics, maths, engineering, technical business administration, physics – these are just a few of the specialisations you find among your future Eneco Energy Trade colleagues. It's a great mix of experienced professionals and fresh graduates.

Innovative projects

Food past its sell-by date and manure can be turned into green gas. You can also build a platform that virtually controls all wind farms, heat pumps, electric car batteries, and more as one big power plant.

Eneco Energy Trade

Trading, Portfolio Optimization, Structuring & Origination, Business Development, Energy Trade Operations & IT and Sourcing & Pricing – these Eneco teams are vital to making the One Planet Plan and the accelerated energy transition a reality. 

Portfolio Optimization

If Eneco Energy Trade is the heart of Eneco, Portfolio Management is the team where all of our flows converge. It's where analysts and portfolio managers use mathematical models to predict opportunities and risks in Eneco's gas, electricity, and certificate portfolio. Do the maths for offshore wind farm development projects, draft hedging strategies, and negotiate insurance products. Close complex deals with major clients and work with traders to bring energy flows to the wholesale market, today and tomorrow. Optimize the balance between energy sources and sales channels, with a focus on the transition to renewable energy -  in a volatile market that constantly knocked off balance by current events.


Behind six screens you'll find Eneco's balanced, analytically strong decision-makers. They're responsible for first-line risk management. The trading floor is the portal to the outside world, where the different portfolio components come together. Collaborate with experienced analysts and meteorologists to guarantee the right amount of power and gas every day to meet customer demand. Will it be sunny this week? No. Then we need to buy additional energy. Negotiate directly with external partners, like the stock exchanges, other energy suppliers, and banks. Switch between long and short-term purchases and make the right call, even without a 100% analysis.

Structuring & Origination

How do you turn a profit while still respecting the climate? Sign long-term, European contracts with major players, often for more than EUR 100 million turnover. The gas and electricity supplied today come from contracts signed in the past. Learn every day how those deals are playing out now and apply that knowledge directly to new deals.

Work closely with the trading floor to exchange purchase and sales prices and experience first-hand how everyone is working towards the same goal. Handle commercial negotiations for energy buys and represent Eneco's interests, including our aim to be climate-neutral in 2035. It's Eneco's unique proposition.

Energy Trade Operations & IT

Eneco is leading the energy transition as a market pioneer. That means the EET Operations & IT teams are always implementing new technologies and approaches. For example, we're the first to have made wind and solar parks controllable for various flex markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

And we're developing a Virtual Power Plant to transform systems and processes into a scalable, next-level platform for sustainable energy. Some examples of challenges we're working on include connecting electric car batteries, implementing home battery and energy optimisation systems, and helping Dutch grid operators tackle congestion problems.


Business Development

The Business Development teams craft innovative, non-standard. future-oriented business models. That's things like replacing fossil gas with green gas and identifying the best scenarios for developing, buying, and selling hydrogen. Buying biomass for power stations and residual heat for the city grid certainly isn't a standard approach, either. Business Development manages new propositions for the Virtual Power Plant project, for example. It's also an incubator for new, cross-departmental initiatives and the contact point for the entire Energy Trade strategy.

Sourcing & Pricing

This team creates commercial propositions for customers using valuation models. They estimate the future value of energy and possible risks. That means things like the premiums and mark-ups needed to offer consumers a fair price that's as low as possible.

This team crafts purchasing strategies that are smarter than the market. They structure systems that build profiles and see trends based on data. The more accurately we predict energy usage, the better the price the customer pays. Upgrading to short-term products, like monthly or quarterly contracts, also helps.

The team

Around 150 colleagues work in the heart of the company, where everything converges and often where things begin – on the customer and asset side, in new business models, and the broad scope from trading to portfolio and from gas to biomass. There's something for everyone, so there is a great intellectual challenge waiting for you, too. You'll be working with professional, highly educated colleagues. In our quarterly meetings, we look back and ahead, covering finance, strategic initiatives, and how current events affect the business. Then it's time for a theme party, with a pub quiz, bocce ball, or karaoke. You'll also get to know everyone better on our annual ski trip, where there's always plenty of après-ski action.

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